"Madonna de la Corvus"

Model: Nat Wiarda; Vancouver, BC. 2014.

"Madonna de la Corvis"
Model: Nat Wiarda; Vancouver, BC. 2014

Model: Nat Wiarda; Vancouver, BC. 2014.

"Forced Elevation"; Montreal, QC. 2009.
"Waterfall No. 2"; Capilano, BC. 2013.

White Rock, British Columbia.

The Bones of Industry: Photographs of Industrial Decay”

Many of these photos were taken on my first ever photo walk. They’ve been reprocessed and brought back to life. Looking back on them, I’m excited to remember my first forays into photography, and that sense of adventure one feels when entering spaces that seem like parallel dimensions. This is why I love street photography; when you explore a strange new corner of the world, you can’t un-explore it. You affect it, and it affects you.What’s in focus doesn’t need to be elaborate or grandiose, but the photograph’s atmosphere should always be poignant. That’s what I strive for. Simply admiring the strange geometry and eerie presence of dilapidated things is beautiful, to me.

Model: Sarah Lawrence. 2011.

Model: Kate Cross. 2011

Vancouver After Dark: Various long-exposures of public spaces. Moments in time occupied by anonymous figures, moving about the ambient light of the street.

Various shots I’ve snapped around New Westminster at night. Experimenting a lot with long exposure night photography. It gives me an excuse to hit the ghost-town like streets, throw on some tunes, and explore new avenues (literally).

Candid Moments: Granville and Abroad; Vancouver, Canada. 2013.

Model: Aaqib Raza

Model: Nolan Jansens

Model: Athena Stefano; North Vancouver, Canada. 2013

I love seeing everyday things in moments of abandonment. If a structure is built by people for a purpose —and then those people disappear (subsequently taking it’s purpose with them), is it still the same structure?

Photographed at a ski resort off-season, on the summit of Grouse Mountain. North Vancouver, Canada. 2013.